Drawing  by Bernie Duff, combat medic, 51st Medical Company, Vietnam 69-70
Welcome to all who have found this website.  I am one of several 1000's of medics  who served in the
Republic of South Vietnam.  Each of us has a story to tell....this one is mine.  This is a story of my
experiences of being a combat medic in Vietnam and after I came home learning how to deal with
the effects of war.  It is my desire that you will view all the pages contained here as they also pay
honor to those I served and worked with.
I have been asked by several people how the name of this website came about.  While I was in
Vietnam we ate food in cans called C-rations.  It was kind of boring so someone got the idea of
cooking our food hoping that heating it up and adding spices would help the taste.  We would add
several different foods together in a helmet light up some C-4 and cook the food adding spices sent
from home.  I remember going into Saigon one time and went into a bar and the girls would always
ask you to buy them a Saigon Tea.  So the combination of the two phrases were put together.  I
guess too, it truly describes the year I spent there as the best of times and the worst of times.  Come
on in and stay just might get a taste of Rice Paddy Stew and Saigon Tea.

Doc Pardue
Some called me medic...others just called me Doc

In all the professions
I could have chosen to be
None gave me more
Honor or pride
or sense of responsibility.
Than to be called their
Medic or Bac Si or Doc
To the 2nd of the 47th Infantry.
Recon, the Scouts,
A part of
Headquarters Company.
The men were daring, young and strong
We drank our beer and sang our songs
As we rode upon our tracks
In the paddies of solid green.
Each man was tested and a warrior
named attached
Cowboy, Pimp, Babysun, Slim, Pineapple,
Repro-man, Uncle 5, Buddha,
Thurston Howell the third and Killer II
Then there was the Tasmanian Devil too
....Just to name a few.
We  became fast friends
And they learned to trust me too
A name given to just a chosen few
They just called me...Doc Pardue
It was earned in battle
Fighting by their side .
They taught me about the living and the dying
And the surviving too.
It has been many years since
Our time in Vietnam
I've been known by many names since
But the one I learned to cherish most
Was given long ago
By my friends and brothers dressed in battle green
It's simply.....Doc Pardue  @ 2001
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