Commercially prepared meals were used in the field and at times when hot meals were not available.
These meals came in a case containing 12 meals. Each meal was in it's own cardboard box, which
contained the individual items sealed in cans. A can opener (called both a "John Wayne" or a "P-38")
was needed to open the cans. The accessory pack with each meal was sealed in a foil pouch.
This is the official Quartermaster's description of C-Rations used in Vietnam"The Meal, Combat,
Individual, is designed for issue as the tactical situation dictates, either in individual units as a meal or
in multiples of three as a complete ration. Its characteristics emphasize utility, flexibility of use, and
more variety of food components than were included in the Ration, Combat, Individual (C Ration) which
it replaces. Twelve different menus are included in the specification. Each menu contains: one canned
meat item; one canned fruit, bread or dessert item;  one B unit; an accessory packet containing
cigarettes, matches, chewing gum, toilet paper, coffee, cream, sugar, and salt; and a spoon. Four can
openers are provided in each case of 12 meals. Although the meat item can be eaten cold, it is more
palatable when heated. Each complete meal contains approximately 1200 calories. The daily ration of 3
B-1 Units
Meat Choices (in small cans):  
  Beef Steak   
Ham and Eggs, Chopped   
Ham Slices   
Turkey Loaf

Fruit Cocktail   

Crackers (7)

Peanut Butter
Candy Disc, Chocolate    
Solid Chocolate Cream    

Accessory Pack*
B-2 Units
Meat Choices (in larger cans):    
Beans and Wieners    
Spaghetti and Meatballs    
Beefsteak, Potatoes and Gravy    
Ham and Lima Beans    
Meatballs and Beans

Crackers (4)

Cheese Spread, Processed    

Fruit Cake
Pecan Roll
Pound Cake

Accessory Pack*
B-3 Units
Meat Choices (in small cans):    
Boned Chicken   and Noodles    
Meat Loaf    
Spiced Beef

Bread, White

Cookies (4)

Cocoa Beverage Powder

Mixed Fruit    

Accessory Pack*
*Accessory Pack

Spoon, Plastic
Salt Pepper
Coffee, Instant
Sugar Creamer, Non-dairy
Gum, 2 Chicklets

Cigarettes, 4 smokes/pack

Pall Mall    
Lucky Strike    

Matches, Moisture Resistant

Toilet Paper
There were 4 choices of meat in each B group. Because there were several "vintages" of C's issued to
the military in Vietnam, more than 4 items may be listed in the B groups as well as the brands of
cigarettes included in the accessory pack.