I joined the Army in 1967 looking for adventure
Told me I would never leave the Land of the Free
I wonder then how did I end up in Vietnam
He said the food was great, sleep in a warm bed every night
I found out real fast while eating out of a box my recruiter lied to me
Now I got a case of the C Ration Blues

He didn’t tell me too many correct things
Yeah, he was right, there was adventure
Got to see the mountains, the paddies, and the jungles
Bed was any place I could lay down my head
My recruiter’s lips were moving; and boy, did he lie to me
My recruiter gave me a case of the C Ration Blues.

I’ve been walking in leach infectious streams
Was dropped off by chopper, (Hey, were you going buddy???)
Then on a little patrol boat
Next came the Armored Personnel Carrier’s
He certainly saw me a coming and gave me
A Nasty case of the C Ration Blues

What do you mean pour the diesel in the drum and light it
Now stir it with a stick?
Man oh man, that smells just like …
I went to take a dump when I asked where the paper was
I was handed that little brown package
And found that little roll of paper
I swear it still had pieces of wood in it
It gave me a case of sandpaper C Ration Blues

I tried eating out of those cans inside the little boxes a time or two
I found I liked Boned Turkey, Beans and Franks, and Spaghetti
Someone handed me a package once with Ham and Lima Beans
They turned my stomach inside so I had to spit them out
Then I knew why they were called Ham and Mothers
They sure gave me a case of back up from the C Ration Blues.

Now that I am home and eating hamburgers and fries
I brought home a little brown box
Going to find that dear old recruiter of mine
I want to take and shove them where the sun don’t shine
And to finally give him the case of the C Ration Blues.

©Copyright March 2009 by Kerry “Doc” Pardue