No, I did not see the sacred "WHITE BUFFALO".  But I am one voice...
crying to, too many silent voices; of Brothers and Sisters who are caught up in
the great abyss of despair over their choice to follow the path of "THE
WARRIOR."  The hole is deep, as deep as the GRAND CANYON; so deep that the rim
of happiness and contentment are not visible to the eyes of the soul.  Yet, I
have seen the rim, felt the warmth of contentment, the joy of the chasm being
closed and the wounded soul healed by love and devotion to one another.  These
are not feelings that are alien to the warrior at all, but feelings of
accomplishment through discipline and deep thought coupled directly to the
Spartan life we all once lived as soldiers.

Grand Canyon of your soul, if you are not afraid to look at your own self and
point out the poisoned and diseased parts that hold you back.  Only you can heal
yourself, and bring back the old warrior spirit that lies dormant under the
surface of your own pity and self-flagellation.

Find the most relaxing position for you and close your eyes,  It is easy to
conjure-up the images of battle, but that is only one side to our souls....a
very dark and scary side that causes adrenalin to run and our awareness to
heighten, and our bravery to shine on the field of battle.  These are easier to
bring forth and sometimes without trying, our minds are filled with such valor
and heroism, death and destruction, allegiance and honor, and great anguish for
our fellow warriors.  Remember, leave no one behind!

My own soul aches at the thought that some of my Brothers and Sisters...yours,
too, were left behind. Not because of us, but because of political decisions
that closed the door on our comrades.  We are still victimized by these
political decisions.  OUR MIA's are mostly all now "SPIRIT WALKERS."  They visit
me daily and nightly to guide me and to teach me the things that I know and
speak about; to show me the path, the way to walk, so that all may experience
the closing of the abyss, and the joy, of feeling and living on the rim of the
CANYON.  Seeing and being in the vast landscape of this life painted in colors
of love, truth, allegiance and devotion to others; colors of red, white and
blue.  Submit your soul to those "SPIRIT WALKERS" so they may do what you were
unable and not allowed to do "leave no one behind."  Pick up the banner of the
veteran warrior, retrain your thinking and begin a new life of unity with the
rest of us.  Let our Spirit Walkers lead us to where no politician would dare to
or could go.  Put on your paint and dance and sing and revel in the company of
your comrades and you will then realize that you are indeed walking the path
that you were meant to walk and we shall overcome these pitiful obstacles that
keep us from attaining our own full potential and self-fulfillment.

Study the bear, the eagle, and the wolf; see the faces of your brothers, who are
long gone, in the lightning and thunder of the storms above you.  Remember, the
cold of the winters of Korea, the coldness and dampness of the monsoon in the
jungles of Vietnam and the grittiness of eating sand in the deserts of the
Middle East.  Remember huddling together as a group of warriors to combat the
ravaging elements of the earth   Remember, the relationship to your buddy next
to you in combat, in a hole, trench or bush.  Remember the mercy of the GREAT
Creator SPIRIT that chose you to carry on in that tradition of warrior, and
remember the ones that the Great Spirit chose to go home to him to live in that
great peace and tranquility; honor and respect earned by sacrifice ; that will be
the reward of all of us who have lived the true life and fought the good fight
of the warrior, in the Will of the Great Spirit.  But if you do not go off by
yourselves to experience what I am talking about, then may the "THUNDER PEOPLE"
forever haunt your dreams and make you piss and crap in your beds as the cowards
you have allowed yourself to become; and may you always live in the disgrace
that you yourself have allowed others to put to and on you.  So, come and gather
around the CORPSMAN.  My arms are ready to greet you, my soul to offer you, my
Brother and Sister, the respect, care and love you deserve as a true WARRIOR.
Let my Spirit teach yours to soar once more away from the bondage of ignorance,
disability and disbelief.  I am waiting for you!  Won't you, please, join with

The Corpsman