This is a well rounded collection.  These are poems that speak to the reader in the language of every day
and at the same time embrace profundity.  Their subject matter, the struggle of a just war, comradeship
and loss, has never been more topical than it is now, with our troops once again defending freedom in a
distant, hostile land.  These poems are a reflective journey to find healing after the War in Vietnam.  35
years ago I was a combat medic.  When I came home I was determined to put Vietnam behind me.  
Somehow, deep within my heart, soul, and spirit Vietnam was a part of who and what I became.   
Finally, my journey to healing began and these poems are the result of that journey 35 years later.  
These are a collection of poems about recovering from war and the effects of PTSD. They will make you
cry, laugh, and appreciate friendships.
Poet-Warriors have always gone off to fight the wars since the beginning of time.  The old tradition of
taking emotional and spiritual inner photos of what they experienced and felt so they could record them
in poetry latter on, is still carried on by one of the most prolific of Vietnam poets.  Kerry "Doc" Pardue
in his first book of collective poems, published through Publish America, really captures those inner snap
shot memories of what it was like then and now for those who were there.
Doc, as his friends and fellow vets call him, takes the reader on an emotional tour of his heart and soul.  
The poems are not just focused on war but speak out about the life journey that the poet has taken.  In
the poets own words these poems show the struggle of a just war, comradeship and loss; a reflective
journey to find healing after the War in Vietnam.
The poet was a combat medic and not some behind the front lines desk jockey and when you read his
poetry you make this journey with him emotionally.  Some of his writings deal with his search for
himself and for healing from the war.  They are about recovery and hope and some will make you cry but
some will bring a smile. it is all about the journey.
This is one of the best collections of Vietnam era poetry in one volume by one poet!

Bill McDonald - MWSA (Military Writers Society of America)
Kerry has written much about the women who served, his poetry brings honor and a fitting
tribute to those women who went to Vietnam and came home forgotten. He tells our stories with
pride, respect, and love.

Kathleen Fennell, ANC, 12th Evac Hospital
I truely loved this collection of poems. Doc Pardue has a way to tell a story thru his poetry. It is
an important story that needs to be told. His poetry is clear and heart-felt.  I would rate him as
one of greatest poets of his generation, his poetry is profound and reaches out to others who
served as a caregivers. His book needs to be read and shared. I look forward to reading his next

Tommy, New York, NY
I could not put his book down.  Kerry's poetry is written in a style that tells a story and just
grabs you by the heart...his poetry will help other caregivers who served in war.  America needs
to be grateful for men and women, such as these, who served us so well in America's most
unpopular war.

Feature Editor, Mesa Tribune
Kerry ‘Doc’ Pardue is one of the most prolific and influential Vietnam War poets...

I will never forget the Vet buzz over Doc Pardue's haunting poem, 'Welcome Home My Sisters',
written to honor the 10th Anniversary of the Vietnam Women's Memorial. Four female Vet
friends emailed me independently and said, "Steve, you HAVE to read this..." Just a few lines in,
and I could see why.  

Steve Cain, author,
"How To Appreciate A Vietnam Vet: Dealing With The Myth Of The
Unwinnable War"
2005 Gold Medal Awards

For War Poetry