"The American fighting man today does not have a personal chef, but he does have his C-Rations. The contents of these
remarkable packages contain far more nutriments than normally required for any man in the field and offer solid
good-tasting meals that are the envy of fighting men all over the world.  Occasionally, though, a trooper will find it
necessary to depend on C-Rations for a prolonged perid of time...and it is with this in mind that
TABASCO brand pepper
sauce thought of a recipe book to help add dash and variety.....All he needs is imagination and a buddy who will act as
assistant chef.  Whether eaten alone, with a buddy or in a group, the recipes found in this book are used in single units and
various combinations of the basic C-Rations.   Some outside ingredients may help, but they are not essential to the
Cartoon by Fred Rhoades--used with permission

1 can franks and beans
1 can beefsteak with potatoes
1 can of pork steaks
1 can meat balls and beans
1 can beefsteak with juices
2 cans of cheese spread, melted
2 cans of crumbled crackers
2 spoons of fat or oil
4 spoons of onions
1 medium can water
2 generous dashes of
1 medium can of cooked rice

Melt oil or fat and saute onions in it, then add the
cheese until it is melted and well blended.  Now
add the crackers stir for a few minutes and return
to the cooking utensil.  Combined the cans of
meats and beans and potatoes and add
See that the stew is always thick.  Pour over a bed
of boiled rice and add dash of
(Turkey & Chicken Poulette)

1 can chicken and noodles
1 can turkey loaf, cut up into pieces
1 can cheese spread
12 spoons milk
Crackers from one C-Ration can, crumbled
Salt & pepper to taste
2 spoons butter or oil or fat-
2 spoons flour
3 dashes

Melt butter oil or fat, add flour and stir until
smooth.  Add milk and continue to cook until cheese
melts and sauce is even.  Empty cans of turkey loaf and
chicken noodles into cheese sauce.  Season with
TABASCO, salt & pepper to taste and continue cooking.  
Cover poulette with crumbled crackers and serve piping

can boned chicken
1 can cheese spread
Salt & Pepper to taste
White Bread
1dash of
2 spoons of butter, oil, fat, if available

Heat the can of boned chicken in a meat can.  Melt the
cheese spread.  If  butter fat or oil is available, add two
spoons. Season with salt & pepper and
the loaf of white bread in half.  Place a mound of chicken
over each half of whte bread and cover each with the hot
melted cheese sauce.
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used with permission